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Infernal Defenses - Chapter 26
    “Lord Beckett, please, I beg you to reconsider.”
    Valerie Dieter stood in the center of an oceanside office in the middle of Port Royal, pleading for the aid she requested. Sitting at the desk before her, Cutler Beckett looked thoroughly displeased.
    “I believe I asked you for results, Miss Dieter.” the middle aged man frowned. “Results that you failed to deliver.”
    The blonde woman clenched her hands together, protesting, “Both Kira Lington and Dracona were in my custody. An organized attack strike of aliens and their allies invaded our headquarters. This is why I need your weapon! Once I have subdued our targets, I will serve them up to you on a silver platter.”
    Cutler Beckett rose to his feet, gesturing for Valerie to follow him to the window. As they stepped out to the balcony, he gazed out upon the port and asked, “Wh
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Satine Kryze Sketch :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 5 20 Rays of Sunshine :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 3 1 Fishy Faces :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 3 1 Disneybound DIY :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 2 0 Ali - Work in Progress :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 5 4 Ahsoka Tano :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 7 3 Being Goofy! :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 4 4 Rocky, My Dear :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 6 8 The Dark Side (of Nightmares) :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 7 2 Maleficent Makeup Test :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 8 10 Day 1 vs Year 1 :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 6 5 Twirls with Joy! :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 10 4 Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 16 8 Work in Progress for Infernal Defenses :iconlilianne-lei:Lilianne-Lei 1 0
Rock Walls and Invisible Ones
    Transformation can occur in an instant. A death in the family, a collapsing cave, or a life-changing injury can all alter one's life in the blink of an eye - faster than anyone could calculate. In "Rock Walls", the cave-dwelling man's life took a drastic and sudden turn when his strong, sturdy home collapsed on top of him, mangling not only his body but also the life he had known. His views were instantly skewed as he considered whether he had been right to doubt the caves or whether his doubt had caused such a fall. He was suddenly thrust into a new world with a new view as he gazed first at the vast expanse of stars, then the oppressive heat of the sun. These events represent an individual's first two steps of the transformation process - a disorienting dilemma and self-examinations (Mezirow pg. 86).
    In my life, the most notable "instant transformation" I faced occurred just three weeks before I started high school. While volunteering with an ani
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Ariel (332) :iconjoshuaorro:JoshuaOrro 43 1 Together :iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 22 16
The Last Nite Owl - Chapter: 17
Chapter: 17                Turmoil on Tatooine
    It took hours before Mos Espa's local authorities came trudging in to investigate the cantina. Daliz watched from his gaming table as two spiky-faced Niktos followed the bartender towards Tolian's body. Rather than look in to the Imperial agent's murder, the men simply dragged his carcass out of the cantina and tossed it out in the street. Daliz leaned forward to see a cluster of the spaceport's scoundrels swarming the body. Like a pack of ravenous beasts, they shredded every valuable from Tolian's body until he was even more desecrated than he already was. His view was obscured by a well-built man who came strutting into the cantina. His feline features, especially his prominent ears, easily distinguished him as a Zygerrian. He carried himself with pride and picked the corner seat at the bar. 
    "Are you going to place a bet, or not?" asked
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The Last Nite Owl - Chapter: 16
Chapter: 16                    Dead Ends and Short Leads
    The Anooba rocketed through the limitless vortex of Hyperspace. Blue waves streaked across the cockpit and Vala watched the same happen on her helmet. She entertained herself by spinning it, making the lights dance across the durasteel. Daliz sighed, "500,000 credits."
    "That's the 500,000th time you've said that," Vala jeered.
    Daliz cackled hard enough to clench his side. "I can't help myself! We're making it big!"
    "It wouldn't be the first time."
    "No...but this time I get to make Officer Talee grovel at my feet. I can't wait to see his face as he hands me my-" Daliz choked. "Our credits."
    "Mhm," muttered Vala as she spun her helmet. "Talee's disobeying orders by permitting us to do this. Forget about him keeping his word. Let's hope
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The Last Nite Owl - Chapter: 14
Chapter: 14                    The Battle of Mandalore
    "Are you sure about these allies of yours?" asked Vala.
    "Trust me," said Bo-Katan. "My nephew is anything but corrupt."
    The Nite Owls remained hidden in an alleyway as a speeder came hovering down. Four adolescents emerged from it, and Vala struggled to recall their faces. As a handsome young man stepped forward, Vala's presumptions proved true. "Korkie?" she asked. "Korkie Kryze?" 
    Her former classmate raised a brow. "Have we met?"
    She removed her helmet. "A lifetime ago."
    "Vala? Is that really you? My goodness, you've changed."
    "So have you," said Vala. 
    "Looks like I've lost our bet, Soniee darling." Korkie chuckled to the green-eyed brunette behind him. Soniee was another former classmate of Vala's. She'd grown into an e
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What Happened To Your Beautiful Face?
"What happened to your beautiful face?"
Asked an elder to his son.
It used to shine like gold, he recalled.
Your eyes were bright and your skin was fresh.
Your hair was clean and your pants were straight.
You never yawned, you never cried.
You never yelled nor whispered.
Your lips were fresh and your ears were keen.
Your physique was to be envied.
"What happened to my beautiful face?"
Replied the son.
"The same that happened to yours."
You wanted me to clench my dreams,
and so I strived to try. 
I broke my back to quench that thirst.
I toiled day and night.
Early morning papers and late night work shifts.
My eyes are scorched from computer screens. My skin his scarred from heaving crates.
My hair is bushy because like me, a barber is unavailable. My pants run wrinkled because there is no time to run the iron.
I yawn beneath pursed lips while tears trickle through every rejection.
I yell when I'm mad. I whisper when I'm scared.
My lips lay stained from former lovers and the temples
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Welcome! Wilkommen! Bienvenue!

I'm LeAnn, an avid reader and writer, and an amateur photographer and cosplayer. I strive to capture priceless moments with words and images, dare to tell stories of fantasy and reality, and explore dreams big and small.

Proud member of GoldenHeart Stories.

"It's not the magic that makes it work, it's the way we work that makes it magic." -Lee Cockerell, Creating Magic

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Hi everyone!

I apologize for the immense hiatus on Infernal Defenses, but today is the day all that ends! The next few weeks will be busy for me, so I'll update as much as possible, but I couldn't keep sitting on this chapter any longer than I already have. You can enjoy the next chapter here!

Long Live Imagination!



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